Practical Solutions for Problem Backs

Are you getting sick of back pain? Sick enough to do something about it?

There's no question about it. Back pain is a drag. It's worrying, energy-sapping and just plain boring. It feels heavy. It's not funny.

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How many people have back pain?

Almost everyone, at one time or another. If you're a westerner, you've a 90% chance of having back pain at some point in your life, a 50% chance of significant pain some time this year and a 25% chance that you're in pain from your back right now. More back pain statistics can be found here.

About the Author

I am a software developer and "good back" teacher in Newstead, VIC, Australia.

I badly injured my back in my early 20s. I couldn't carry suitcases, drive a shopping trolley or run. Click here to find out what I'm like in my 40s!