Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique (or Alexander Method) is a “Self Help technique” for helping you prevent and reduce Back Pain. You are taught how to move in a different way, and to be kinder to your body. Your body repays this kindness by feeling wonderful: strong, light and free-- and pain free.

You might have found that the exercises on this web site help you, but you'd like to go further, or go faster. If that's the case, you might consider lessons in the Alexander Technique.

Perhaps you have a question like one of these:

“How do I bend over the sink while washing up without giving myself back pain?”

“I drive 3 hours every day. I can't give up my job or change where I live, but my back hurts when I come home from work. How can I avoid back pain while driving?”

"I'm a professional musician, and lately my hands have begun to hurt. I've been to several therapists but nothing seems to help much. I can't rest from playing because it's how I earn my living. What can I do?"

“My doctor told me to take up swimming to help my back. I feel good after swimming, but my back feels worse. What am I doing wrong?”

“I pick up and carry my toddler often during the day, but I hurt my back giving birth to him. Carrying him makes my back hurt more and more. Is there nothing I can do?”

“I go regularly to an osteopath. After the therapy my back feels better, but it gets gradually worse again, and I have to run to the osteopath again. Lately my back's got worse more quickly. I'm worried!”

If these are the kinds of questions you're asking yourself, often there are ways of doing these things that don't harm your back. An Alexander teacher is skilled at helping you find them quickly, and learn them well.

Research on the Alexander Technique in the British Medical Journal found that Alexander Technique lessons give lasting results for chronic back pain sufferers.

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