Alexander Technique and Therapeutic Massage Research Study

The Alexander Technique, Exercise and Massage (ATEAM) study on lower back pain is a randomised, double-blind controlled trial comparing Alexander Technique and therapeutic massage, with and without gentle exercise prescribed by a General Practitioner or medical doctor.

InterventionDays in pain per month afterwardsChange
Control (no treatment)21-
6 sessions therapeutic massage1433%
6 Alexander Technique lessons1148%
24 Alexander Technique lessons386%

The effect of Alexander Technique lessons on days of back pain per month was maintained for the length of the trial, 1 year, with no significant harms reported. Therapeutic massage had lost its effectiveness at 3 months.

With 24 Alexander Technique lessons, it was observed that, one year later, the patients' backs had not stopped improving.

The ATEAM authors and a follow-up economic evaluation also showed that GP-prescribed exercise coupled with 6 Alexander Technique lessons was a highly cost-effective combination (72% as effective as 24 Alexander Technique lessons.)

The full text of the article is available here.

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