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I teach the Alexander Technique in Newstead, VIC and Central Victoria, Australia. I'm the present Chair of AUSTAT, the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

You might want to know what my personal experience of back pain has been. If so, see My Back Pain story.

If there's anything else you want to know, please ask. Fill out my contact form ring me or write to me. I will respond as soon as possible, usually within a day or two.

Write or Phone

Post: Nick Mellor, Villa Rosa, 5 Campbell Street, Newstead, VIC 3462, Australia.

Telephone: 03 5476 2695 (international +61 3 5476 2695.)


Time zone: currently UTC+11

Qualifications and Experience

I've been teaching the Alexander Technique for 10 years. I have taught in England, Australia and India. In India I worked for Dr Deepak Sharan at a clinic specialising in Repetitive Strain Injuries in the rapidly growing Indian IT sector.

I also work freelance in the IT sector.

I have contributed to Direction Journal, one of the foremost Alexander Technique publications. I have an article forthcoming about the role of the Alexander Technique in mainstream primary education.

I am a manager of the Alextech Mail list, a Google group with hundreds of members including teachers, students and those simply interested in the Alexander Technique. All are most welcome to join.