Reasons to Cure Your Back Pain

Your back hurts. Obviously you want to fix it. But many of us put up with pain because we're "too busy" to look after our backs and help them heal. Some of us have developed back problems over many years and it will take time to undo the damage.

But how many of the following ring true? How much is your back pain affecting you?

Reason 1: Because a Good Back is Priceless

A good back is a fabulous, life-affirming thing. If you haven't read the section on "good backs" and what they are, now would be a good time.

Reason 2: Because Back Pain Affects Families

Many parents, particularly women, suffer from back pain. Giving birth, the non-stop nature of parenthood and all the lifting and carrying can be a huge challenge if you also suffer from back pain. Perhaps you're a Dad, wanting to rough and tumble with your kids without having to worry about your back. To enjoy your children and give them the attention and experiences of being engaged with physically, sort out your back and do it quickly! The range of gentle exercises on this website are suitable for pregnant and nursing women as well as Dads and others with sensitive backs.

Reason 3: Because Back Pain Affects Your Work

Is your back affecting your ability to run your own business? You left the rat race to seek greater freedom and self-expression and now your back is preventing you achieving your goals. It kills your soul, doesn't it?

Perhaps you've been injured at work and you suffer with chronic back pain. Or you haven't been injured but you're getting more and more backache. You're worried about your work.

Reason 4: Because Back Pain Affects Your Fun

You don't go swimming, caving, running, backpacking, play football, dance or go on rollercoasters any more.

Reason 5: Back Pain Affects Your Relationship

Perhaps you or your partner has chronic back pain, and you're getting frustrated about some of the following things:

  • one of you always has to carry the suitcases these days
  • You don't go swimming/running/dancing together any more, and that's where your relationship started
  • Sex can be painful, frustrating and a turn-off for both partners when one or both of you are in pain. This can obviously put strain on your relationship, particularly if you don't realise why one of you is reluctant
  • See also "Back Pain Affects Your Mood"

Reason 6: Because Back Pain Affects Your Mood

Back pain and depression often go hand in hand. If you're in pain, everything's harder and more frustrating. It begins to affect your sense of self-worth

Reason 7: Because More and More Often, You Just Can't Be Bothered

This one speaks for itself, doesn't it? You can't be bothered doing things you used to enjoy. This is a classic symptom of low-level back pain: your back doesn't hurt badly, but some things are uncomfortable enough to be no fun, or they feel heavy and full of effort. As the pain has increased very slowly, all you're aware of is that you can't be bothered. If asked, you might not say your back was painful.