Lower Back Exercise: Find Your Sitting Bones

This lower back exercise is useful in itself, but also prepares ground for the other lower back pain exercises, rather like Find the end of your spine. Please do this one first, or Find the End of Your Spine, every time, before you do Rock on Hands and KneesGentle Leg Movements orGentle Pelvis Rotation.

Sitting Down:

Sit on a hard or firm chair, preferably a flat-seated wooden one.

Sit on the fingers of your hands. You should feel quite an uncomfortable, bony contact with your buttocks. These bones in your buttocks are your sitting bones.

When you sit down, your gluteal muscles move aside to reveal the sitting bones, which rejoice in the name of "ischial tuberosities" in anatomy textbooks.

Hold your fingers there for at least 30 seconds and remind yourself that these are your sitting bones. You can rock backwards and forwards slightly if you can bear it.