Lower Back Exercise with Leg Movement

This lower back exercise uses touch and weight to help you gain better control of your lower back.

You'll need to prepare for this exercise by doing Find the Bottom of Your Spine.

Lie in front of a kitchen chair (you're going to put your feet on seat of the chair.)

Put a couple of paperback books under your head for comfort.

Put your fingertips back on your newly-found hip bones.

Lift your feet gently off the chair. There should be very little effort if the chair's the right height, and it should not increase your lower back pain. If it does, raise the height of the chair by putting books on it, until you feel no strain in your back or legs.

Now, with your fingers on your hip bones, gently play with your feet, moving them around in small, slow patterns. There should never be any strain in your back.

While you're moving your feet, focus on your fingertips and remind yourself that this is where the end of your spine is.

How Often?

For 2 minutes twice a day, or more often if you like.


Lower back pain is often the result of not using your lower back enough. This exercise helps you find your lower back using the pressure of the floor, and both the bottom of your spine and the width of your torso by using your fingertips.

This helps you to start using your lower back in movement, rather than holding it rigid.

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