Lower Back Exercise: Pelvis Rotation

This lower back exercise feels wonderful when you get it right, and is a superb way of waking up your lower back.

You will need to prepare for pelvic rotation by finding the Bottom of Your Spine.

On Hands and Knees

Pay close attention to the "imprint" left by your hands on your hip bones (see preparation page in link above.)

Gently and slowly, making very small movements, turn your pelvis around the imprint of your hip joints.

Don't arch your back more than necessary for the movement. There should be no strain and you should never use strength to achieve a result. Think, feel. Don't push. The movement may be a little clunky or shivery at first, but becomes fluid and easy after not many goes. Welcome back to your own pelvis!

If your arms get tired, stop and have another go in a minute or two.

Keep your eyes open and study the floor (this alertness helps your whole spine to wake up and lengthen.)

How Often?

For 2 minutes twice a day, or more often if you like.


This exercise helps you remember where the bottom of your spine is, while gently getting your lower back used to moving. If your lower back doesn't move properly, this can lead to lower back pain or radiate up your spine into your shoulders.

Getting movement and flow back into your own pelvis is a beautiful gift to yourself. There are few areas of the body more important to more parts of our lives than our pelvis.

No prizes for guessing what a free pelvis can begin to do for your love life!

Previous Exercise

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