Lower Back Exercise: Rocking on Hands and Knees

This lower back exercise looks simple, but is quite difficult, and a mind-bender.

You will need to prepare for this exercise by finding the Bottom of Your Spine. (Yes! Every time you do it!)

On Hands and Knees:

Gently and slowly, making very small movements, roll backwards and forwards on your hips and shoulder joints. Small movements are much better than large swinging movements that cause you strain. When you are tired, stop.

Look for a feeling that your shoulders and hip joints are well oiled, and the movement almost does itself. Any feeling of strain means "I can do better"!

  • When you're going forwards, let your head lead
  • When you're going backwards, let your bottom lead
  • Keep your eyes open and study the floor (this alertness helps your whole spine to lengthen)

What do I mean by "letting your head lead"? Click here to find out.

How Often?

For 2 minutes twice a day, or more often if you like.


This lower back exercise helps you remember where the bottom of your spine is. Many people move as if their spine finished higher up their back, and hold the remainder of their lower spine rigid.

This puts a lot of strain on your lower back. The lack of movement stops your body getting rid of waste material efficiently, making your lower back even stiffer. All of which can lead to more lower back pain and injury.

Next Exercise

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