Middle Back Exercise: Crawling

Crawling is especially good for middle back pain. “Crawling” in the UK is called “creeping” in the US. On this website I mean hands and knees crawling, not commando-style flat on your belly.

Whatever you call it, crawling is wonderful for upper, middle and lower back pain, and for pregnancy. On the downside, it could be difficult if you have neck trouble. Take a common sense approach: don’t crawl if it hurts your neck, hands and wrists, and don’t crawl on and on when your hands and arms are tired. As with all back-pain-self-help.com exercises, stop while you’re still comfortable, and never strain.

If your hands and wrists hurt when you try to crawl, please note that there will soon be some hand pain pages available.

First, find your spine's beginning and end. On this website, exercises are never just about going through the motions. You need to think into each of the exercises. For crawling, begin by imprinting for the top andbottom of your spine.

And then…you know how to do it! Start crawling! Keep noticing the imprint of your fingers in your ears, and the imprint of your hands on your hip joints.

At Home

Crawling around the house is great for your back. It helps your spine stay flexible and stable, particularly in the mid-back.

If you happen to be pregnant, crawling a lot can help the baby position herself for birth. Be kind to your arms, though, as you're at reasonably high risk of wrist pain (carpal tunnel syndrome.)


People with very stiff necks should probably not attempt too much crawling. Anyone with a repetitive strain injury should crawl with caution. If it increases your pain consistently, don't crawl any more.

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