Neck Exercise: Whispered "Ah"

This is a neck exercise that sounds like it's about breathing or using your voice. Well, that's because it is! Your head-neck joint and jaw are intermeshed with each other, and can't easily be separated in an exercise. On the plus side, what helps your voice helps your neck, and vice versa.

It may take you some time to master this one, but it's very powerful. You may find yourself yawning a lot. This is a good sign.

Imprint Your Head-Neck Joint

Before you begin, imprint your head-neck joint with the nodding neck exercise (opens new window), then come back here.

Standing, Sitting or Walking:

Keep your eyes open all the way through. Choose something you like to look at, e.g. a tree or a picture. (And keep on looking at it!)

  1. Let your jaw drop open on the out-breath; close your mouth to breathe in. Get used to that simple movement to begin with. Breathe normally: no deep breathing.
  2. Check that you're still looking through your eyes. Don't close them or "zone out" at any time...
  3. ...and now think of something funny! (This sets up an "eye smile" which affects your throat and the back of your mouth.)
  4. Continue the movement, beginning to make a slight whispering sound on the out-breath. Keep thinking funny things, and looking out of your eyes as you whisper. (The temptation for many people is to close down their senses when they use their voice, often out of embarassment! But this closing down is not good for your neck.)


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