Why Fix Your Back?

In the words of T Harv Eker, "the reason you're in a big hole is because you didn't dig your way out of a small one."

But be kind about it.

Do you just put up with back pain? Does it drive you mad that your partner puts up with back pain? Well, it's very human. Actually, it's very frog too.

Watch this nail-biting experiment from Youtube. I'll wait...

Whether or not this is true of frogs, the fact remains that nervous systems get used to a new status quo relatively quickly. If you're always in a little bit of pain, that soon becomes normal. Here's a typical chronic back pain story:

  1. Nov 8th. Slight twinge. I forget about it
  2. Dec 10th. Another twinge. I ignore it *** This would have been a great moment to do something about my back ***
  3. Dec 22nd. Now there's another twinge, and I'm having a little trouble bending down. Wait til Christmas is over and maybe do something
  4. Jan 1st. And besides, I don't complain. That's the kind of man I am/woman I am
  5. Feb 12th. My partner notices I can't get out of the car very easily. Old age. Nothing I can do about it. So do nothing
  6. Feb 25th. I've got a stiff neck. But it doesn't stop me doing anything so I keep going
  7. Feb 28th. Stiff neck goes away
  8. Mar 15th

The kaboom might be a lot of different things. You might be flat on your back. You might suddenly be unable to work. Driving might become too painful to contemplate. Your arms, legs or hands might stop working. You might suddenly be in constant pain all down your leg, day and night (Sciatica.)

There might be no kaboom, not for years. These things are hard to predict accurately.

But if you're not lucky *and* you're not paying attention, you may suddenly discover that you're a vertebrate, and that your absolutely one and only most crucial asset, your spine, is not AT ALL happy.

You forgot to hop out before the water boiled.

So Don't Wait!

Compared to the frog, the prognosis is not all that bad, but all that time you lost winding your back into tighter and tighter knots has made it much harder to recover. It'll take months rather than days. The earlier you act, the better.

If you're reading this, and your back hasn't yet gone Kaboom...

Please Do Something Now!!!

Things To Do Now

  1. Stop calling back pain old age. It's inaccurate. Old people get much less back pain than working-age people
  2. Try the Self-Help exercises on this website. I suggest you start with Lying on the floor with your knees standing but do what feels right
  3. If you're in acute pain, you might consider SHORT-TERM prescription or non-prescription painkillers and some manipulation from a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor. But be careful of going back and back and back dozens of times for the same manipulation: that's addiction, not a long-term solution. Stop at a dozen is a good rule of thumb
  4. Seek Alexander Technique lessons to find out HOW you're tying your back in knots and how to stop doing it. How to contact a teacher