Self Help Exercises

If you have serious, acute pain you probably aren't thinking about self help exercises yet-- you're getting treatment in any way you can.

You are more likely to be here if you have chronic long-term pain.

The gentle Self Help exercises on this website are to help you understand your back better, and to think about it in a new way.

None of the exercises is an "exercise" in the usual sense. There are no crunches or stretches or standing on heads. Few of them will get your out of breath. The aim of this website is quite different. It is to help you use your spine better. To do so means fewer injuries and a priceless sense that it is a "joy to move" which will make you want to exercise more, simply for the fun of it.

Using your spine better means paying attention to the way you do exercises, and learning to think clearly about what you're doing. We use a technique called imprinting a lot, which is a way of helping you become more aware of the way you move.

This is important because it is quite easy to do standard exercises (or to do standard types of aerobic exercise like swimming) in a way that is harmful if you're not self-aware. Have you ever come away from swimming feeling great, but with a stiff or sore neck?

Your back will thank you for learning to think more carefully about how you move. You will improve your confidence and resilience, and reduce your back pain by learning to think and feel clearly about movement. Doing your standard forms of exercise will become easier and more pleasurable. Exercise will also start to do you more good.

Happy exercising!

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