Back Pain Statistics at Work

  • One in four Australians has significant back pain right now
  • Nearly 70% of adult Australians will suffer significant back pain this year

Back pain is everywhere, and affects everything. Even if your staff don't report back pain as their reason for taking time off, it's heavily implicated in their decisions to take time off:

  • It's the leading cause of work loss days. 25% of back pain sufferers in the 18-44 age group take 10 or more days off per year, compared with 8% of the general population.
  • One of four adults with back pain is in fair to poor physical health, compared to one in nine of the general population
  • Back pain doubles and sometimes triples such feelings as worthlessness, hopelessness, sadness, and the feeling that everything is an effort

The likely effect on your business is considerable. It is known, for example, that back pain costs Australian businesses $1 billion each year in direct and indirect costs.